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Footskating Tips

This is an interview we recently did for Time Magazine. In case you missed it, here are some pointers and insights into the wonderful world of footskating:

Q: Is it possible to footskate without any shoes, or is that best left to the pros and/or people with masochistic tendencies?
A: Shoeless footskating - or barefoot - is not encouraged. Yes we do it, but because we are lank good and extreme. Barefoot isn't something we like to talk about in public for fear of encouraging it.

Q: I've never seen any women footskating. Is this really a male-dominated sport? Are women allowed to footskate?
A: Women often enjoy a good old footskate - and footskating with Brett can be like hanging with a girl, cos he can get quite moody and irrational at times. Unfortunately it's fairly male-dominated at the moment... But we're trying to attract women to the sport by using our 'cover boy' looks and rough, unprotected style.

Q: I have heard rumours that Avril Lavigne wrote "Sk8ter Boi" for Brendan. Can anyone confirm this?
A: I can confirm this. It was about her dissing me, then finding out that I could footskate and then digging me. That's why she came to South Africa. It wasn't a coincidence.

Q: What are some of the worst injuries you guys have gotten from footskating?
A: Mostly bruises to the ego - but the odd cracked shin, tweaked coccyx, and blood stain on new pants.

Q: Can you recommend any special gear for someone new to footskating?
A: Self-belief isn't something you can buy. Other than that, shoes that won't come off at high speeds. Anything with Velcro technology.

Q: Does footskating target any problem areas? Will it bless an avid skater with a tight buttocks?
A: It depends on your skill level, and particular bag of tricks.
Footskating is good for an all-round workout - as well as for maintaining a spiritual outlook after the sweating is over.

Q: Do professional footskaters follow a special diet?
A: Some do. We're waiting for a bottled water company to sponsor us before we start drinking water. We eat anything from a takeaway place that doesn't take too long. Unless it's vegetarian takeaway, then we avoid it like the clappers.

Q: How much time a day do you spend perfecting your footskating techniques?
A: 24/7. It's all about understanding the rhythm of life. Every moment is practice/learning for the next sick move. Like you should have seen what I just pulled this very second. Sweet!
(High fives all round)