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"If I'm honest with myself, I'm probably quite intimidated by what those guys can do. It's sick."
- Pro skateboarder

"Just because you've got feet doesn't mean you can footskate, but it helps to have feet."
- Some guy outside Cresta centre named Josh

"I love it. And I love footskating as well!"
- Older guy at a braai

"At first I saw it as something supernatural, or something satanic. But now I see the beauty in it. It's changed the way I see the world. I've even starting doing charity work."
- Mrs. Bakewell, ex-school teacher

"I wish I had been born later in life, then I wouldn't be too old to do it now."
- Tony

"If it keeps the kids away from the malls and those dangerously expensive shops, and gets them back on the streets, then I'm all for it."
- Sandy, a concerned mother

"It's the only pure sport left. When it goes all commercial and sponsored, then the world will be a poorer place. I'll sign them up though, and my commission structure is rather generous."
- Anonymous Sports Agent

"It's the only thing I'll never be the best in the world at."
- Chuck Norris

"I don't believe any real people actually made these comments, although footskating is totally far out."
- Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Footskating Shoe Review

They often say that shoes maketh the man. This isn't true. But it can often be true when it comes to footskating. A lot of people have sent queries about which shoe to rock when out on the tiles... Like this letter from Rasta G:

Dudes, you guys rock. As an aspiring footskater, I'm pretty discerning about my footskating gear. Now let's start with the second most important piece of gear: shoes. I've like test-skated more than 17-brands of shoes during my illustrious (albeit short) footskating career. If I rank the top three sickest makes of shoes, the list would go something like this:

3. Size 7 North Star Classics [you can't diss a classic];
2. My 1989 Blue Stokies [they won't pick up chicks, but 10/10 for being comfortable and aerodynamic];
1. My bro's LA Gear Regulator pumps [the pump doesn't work, but the street cred pulls you through].

Dudes - I once also test-skated my camo-raptor strops. Despite the awesome sensation of foot-nudity, they were hectic and caused me to wipe-out which gave me the worst nail-bruise I've ever had (I ranked them 17/17 in my personal "all-time gnarliest footskating gear in the world ever" list). Would you agree with this list? And what other tips would you wish to give this aspiring footskater? Later, Rasta G (the man who puts the "ska" into Footskating).

We answered:

Hey Rasta G,

Thanks for the positive feedback and solid list. Being discerning about footwear is a strong quality.

I'd add my Stefan Edberg Adidas from about '84 to the list but they're basically impossible to find.

As for strops you're looking for trouble the same with barefoot. Keep the strops for chilling after a session, it's safer that way.

But the real answer is that there is no answer. Unless the shoe really sucks, then the answer is don't use that shoe that sucks. Other than that, it's what makes you flow the best. And looking good out there doesn't hurt either.

Obviously your footwear is a personal choice, but to give some much needed feedback, this is the footwear we've been relying on for our past few sessions.

We can't give you their brand code as they were specially designed by Puma for us to footskate in. But you can get similar looking ones in-store, but without the specially added graphite arch support and imbedded microchip to gauge your performance, or to be able to find the shoes via satellite if they're ever stolen.

They're double-laced which helps keep your shoes on when attempting the bigger tricks you don't want to come down barefoot when caught in a spin many metres up in the air.

What we like the most is the mad-heel support for the aforementioned bigger air tricks. You might need a little more leg strength to get airborne, but when you do, it's like you're landing in a bed of roses, that have obviously had their thorns cut off.

They're also green, which makes them eco-friendly and they don't scream, 'I'm a sports shoe', so you can pretty much get into any terrain watched by security without suspicion - and then rip the surface off the place when the guards go for lunch or to the toilet.

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