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Classic Footskating Moves

There are many moves out there, too many to list - but here is a basic idea of some stuff to try out... to work on yourselves and to make up your own variations.

For more info, as well as to see these tricks and other tricks in action, be sure to check out the extreme feature film this winter: Footskating 101

Self-explanatory. Like the ollie of footskating. Gets more difficult with the size of the ramp, or the height from which you try to land it. Adding rotations of 180 or 360 from the foot grab position to landing always looks good.

The Beige Cabriolet Grind:
Approach the grinding surface. Launch one foot into the air and land on the surface, turn and grind in one motion, ending up facing the opposite direction, back on both feet. Made famous by Gavin Williams. He mentioned that you should be ‘hungry like the wolf’ to complete this trick.

180 Electrified Mongoose:
Pounce and land in a curled up position on the coping of an obstacle (usually the railing on the half-pipe), gripping onto the metal with your hands, feet tucked under yourself, then jump back and spin 180 degrees landing facing the opposite direction. Like you've been shocked by the railing.

360 Electrified Mongoose:
The same as the 180, but needs more rotation... Obviously for more skilled footskaters, because the bigger spin can throw you to the ground.

The Rod Stewart:
Move forward at pace, hit and hold on an obstacle (with one hand usually grabbing the obstacle, feet on the ground) and thrust your groin area forward like a rock star.

The Rod Stewart with a Polish Kick:
The Rod Stewart, except after the thrusting motion, you end the move by kicking your legs into the air into a flying-V shape – while still pushing on one hand.

Floating Buddha:
See diagram. To be used when clearing obstacles. Works best when getting really big air, so you can hold the move for as long as possible – without landing in a cross-legged position. If you do land like this, make sure you are very experienced and athletic.

Frontside Backside:
Jump feet first at railing on a half-pipe. If you get it right, you will land with the bottom of your knees locked to the railing. Then spin sideways and slide down the ramp. Be careful, this takes a leap of faith and practice on foam mats – as it can leave most novices with bruised heads.

Front-Side Tuckshop Robbery:
Usually tried over a spine. Approach the spine and leap over it feet first, without touching the spine with feet, but tapping the spine with both hands as you glide over.

Flying Angel Wings:
Usually attempted over obstacles like small railings and fun boxes. Approach the obstacle at speed – jump into the air and clear obstacle with hands and feet as far behind you as you can, your pelvic region will be the foremost part of your body. You’ll look like you are flying.

Crying Angel Wings:
The same as Flying Angel Wings, except more difficult – as you have to grab your right foot with your right hand and left foot with left hand as they trail behind you.

Ninja Fist:
Land a move by curling yourself into a ball, holding yourself in the air with your two hands below your waist area. Your body is horizontal with the ground. Needs crazy balance. This trick has been copied by breakdancers and capawera fighters.

Donkey Kick:
After getting some speed, grab the railing with your hands, lifting your body into the air. Kick you feet out backwards towards the sky. Donkey kicks can be highly personalised, depending on how much flair your kicks have. Can be completed with a 180 rotation, leaving you in a standing position on the ramp... Or a 360 rotation if you’ve got mad skillz and wrist power.

Glove Burner:
Approach a wall or ramp railing with caution. Use your hands as an anchor to spin 180 degrees around on the wall or railing. Watch out for gravity, it could end in tears if approached lightly.