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Press Clippings

"The celeb-studded cast of Footskating 101 has as much fun behind the cameras as they did in front of them" - You Magazine

"A comedy that involves fancy footwork" - Business Day

"Daar is hoop vir komedie in SA. *****" - Beeld

"Footskating 101 reminds us that there is much to laugh at in the surreal world of Jo'burg's mining towns and downmarket shopping malls" - Barry Ronge, Sunday Times Magazine

"The film is hilarious, has a great SA soundtrack and will keep you in stitches. ****" - Pretoria News Tonight

"Asanine, slapstick humour through with a familiarity that will make you graduate from a reluctant grin to an all-out laugh." - Witness

"This comedy is much better than it actually looks and could just put you in a far better frame of mind than last week's soccer match" - Daily Sun


Beautiful Ambition (City Vibe, Nov 2006)
The feet have it - Page 1 (Screen Africa, Nov 2006)
The feet have it - Page 2 (Screen Africa, Nov 2006)
Benoni star about to unleash footskating phenomenon - Page 1 (Business Day, Oct 2006)
Benoni star about to unleash footskating phenomenon - Page 2 (Business Day, Oct 2006)
Footskating made on thin ice (Sunday Times Metro Gauteng, Oct 2006)
Skater girl (You, Aug 2006)
Skaatsmeisie (Huisgenoot, August 2006)
Uit hart van Wes-Rand (Beeld, Jul 2006)
Nick Hutchings' Interview (MySpace, Jan 2007)

June 2007

Red-hot show for those chilly nights (Cape Argus Tonight)
Red-hot show for those chilly nights (Daily News Tonight)
Music, mirth and mayhem collide in Krugersdorp (The Weekender)
He's got fame, but no fortune (Sunday Times Metro)
My Favourite Table (The Star Tonight)
Off the wall (Mail & Guardian)

July 2007

Simply Spliffy - Page 1 (Pulse)
Simply Spliffy - Page 2 (Pulse)
Lights! Camera! Action! (Finweek)
The realities of digital cinema (Screen Africa)
Seaside Glamour (YOU)
Footskating (Benoni City Times)
Face Off (The Times)
Maybe It Was Injuns

August 2007

Cheaper than most commercials and funnier too (The Callsheet)
Face Off (The Times)
Hot Thangs (Sunday Times Lifestyle)
Smart Celeb > Brendan Jack (TechSmart)
Making of Footskating 101 (Zoo Weekliks)
Special on the making of latest Crazy Monkey movie (Herald Morning Final)
Goldin se `gees leef voort' in fliek (Volksblad)
Skating on thin ice (You)
CD Scene (Natal Mercury)
She's a hot new movie prospect (Cape Son)
Boy met boobs doen die stunts (Kaap Son))
'Footskating 101' opgedra aan Brett Goldin (Kaap Burger)
Gleaming the Rube (Sunday Times Magazine)
Bru, dis Footskating - Page 1 (Volksblad Jip)
Bru, dis Footskating - Page 2 (Volksblad Jip)
Footskating 101 (Beeld Jip)
Daar is hoop vir komedie in SA (Beeld Jip)
Benoni-uitvoerproduk (Beeld Jip)
Voetskaatsers laat jou lag (of nie) (Burger Jip)
Button Up (Star Tonight)
'My Mark is 'n denwyse' (Beeld Plus)
The A to Zubz of SA entertainment (Daily Sun)
Face off (The Times)
Verskeie Kunstenaars (Zoo Weekliks)
Skating without the board (Northglen News)

September 2007

Making of Footskating 101 (FHM)
Footskating 101 (Elle)
Most amazing! (Glamour)
Hot @ the movies (Cosmopolitan)
Footskating made easy with Brendan Jack (SL Magazine)
Footskating (Comic Life)
Footskating 101 - Page 1 (The South African)
Footskating 101 - Page 2 (The South African)
Cover (Blunt)
The Charlize of Roodepoort - Page 1 (Blunt)
The Charlize of Roodepoort - Page 2 (Blunt)
The Charlize of Roodepoort - Page 3 (Blunt)
The Charlize of Roodepoort - Page 4 (Blunt)
Footskating 101 - Page 1 (Uncut)
Footskating 101 - Page 2 (Uncut)
Jack of all trades (Uncut)
Footskating 101 (Saltwater Girl)
Footskating (
The Lazy Footskating 101 Interview (Movie and DVD)
Footskating 101 - Page 1 (Marketing Mix)
Footskating 101 - Page 2 (Marketing Mix)
'Footskating' into theatres on a shoestring (The Times)
Ibhayisikobho (Ilanga le Theku)
Celebs galore at Randburg rollout (Saturday Star)
Kyk ma, geen skaatsplank nie (Rapport)
Die kort en lank en op en af van Voetskaats (Rapport)
Kitsfeite (Rapport)
A strictly jeans and takkies occasion (Sunday Times)
Checking out the reel and unreal (Sunday World)
On a wheel and a prayer (Sunday Tribune)
Taking humour off the board (Sunday Weekend Argus)
Cover (Sunday Times)
Extreme feats - page 1 (Sunday Times)
Extreme feats - page 2 (Sunday Times)
Footskating 101 (TV Plus)
Footskating film opens (Tygerburger)
Chewing the twakkie with Rob (Cape Argus Tonight)
Give Hollywood a break this month (Finweek)
Boots made for skating (Sandton Chronicle)
Latest Releases (Pretoria News Tonight)
Comedy gets a pedicure (Pretoria News Tonight)
Voetskaatsers spot lustig (Burger)
Board out of a mind (Daily Voice)
Much ado about Jack (Star Tonight)
Coming straight outta left-field (Star Tonight)
Hier kom ons (Beeld)
Geestige lawwe komedie oor SA (Beeld)
Local filmmaking feet (City Press, City Pulse)
Front page (Mail & Guardian)
Rocking Roodepoort - Page 1 (Mail & Guardian)
Rocking Roodepoort - Page 2 (Mail & Guardian)
Familiar faces in local film (Durban Witness)
Funny peculiar (Citizen Citi Vibe)
Vermaak aan alle fronte (Volkosblad Joernaal)
Voetskaats is die nuwe swart... (Volksblad Joernaal)
The emperor's new skateboard? (Daily Dispatch)
Have a good laugh with the local guys (Daily Sun)
It's almost time... (Benoni City Times)
Second time around, the locals get it right! (Zoo Weekly)
The feet smell of success? (
A tutorial in filmmaking (The Weekender)
The board ultimatum (Sunday Times)
You'll laugh out loud at local comics' smalltown antics (The Witness)
Win! Win! Win! (The Times)
Footskating - It's very different (Life and Style)
Flying High (You Magazine)
There is a celebrity on our doorstep (Kempton Express)
Skating without the board (Berea Mail)

October 2007

The Science of Footskating 101 (Hip2b2)
Behind the Scenes (Hip2b2)
Cover (Hip2b2)
Everybody is talking about... (You)

November 2007

Footskating 101 Premiere (In Style)