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Vince, a poor miner's son, sets out to save his small town from exploding, his family home from the government, and his granny's lungs, all by inventing the new extreme sport of footskating... which is skateboarding for those who can't really afford a board.

The odds are more than stacked against him, as he has to find and train a team in a sport that no one's ever attempted before, go against his father's wishes for him to work in the mine, overcome his fear of teams, contend with the town bullies, and maybe find a girlfriend in the process.

Time is running out for the town and his family, and the high profile skateboarding finals in Johannesburg are looming. Vince has one last shot to find his place in the world and reveal his dream for all to see.

But is the world ready for this extreme and ferocious new sporting art form called footskating?

The one line low down

In a desperate attempt to save his town, his Grandmother and his home, and avoid working in a dangerous mine, Vince - a small-town loner and poor miner's son - sets out to pioneer his made-up sport of footskating, a venture that requires the help of a team, the understanding of his conservative father, and the willingness of the world to accept a new form of extreme sporting madness.